Here at the Veg patch we are all about helping people grow deep roots not only in their gardens, but also in their lives.  The deep roots of faith that nourish, support and strengthen us.

Grow your faith, grow your joy, and grow your own tasty veg!  So Peruse the Veg Patch, and be sure to grab your FREE gift while you’re here!

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What fellow gardeners are saying…

“I’ve been so happy with my garden this year. At last count we had harvested over 70 English cucumbers off of only 4 plants-  amazing!  The purple and green bush beans were fantastic as well – 4 full harvests off of them.  All in all a very happy gardener.”

Samantha VanDam, Fraserville ON

“I especially love how easy it is to order! It’s great to be able to help out local family farms too. Love Amy’s Veg Patch!”

Karen Wright, Cavan ON

“Loved all the plants I got. They grew well.  I will definitely order again next spring. Thanks so much Amy!”

Maureen Preston, Peterborough ON

Why Grow Your Own Veg?

Save Money

Let’s face it eating healthy can be expensive, eating organic even more so!  I can guarantee you’ll be surprised at the money YOU can save by growing your own organic veg.   Don’t have any space for a garden? No problem! Check out our space saver plants that thrive in containers and pots.

Healthier Planet

By choosing to grow locally sourced organic vegetables in your garden, you are partnering with us to produce healthier soils and healthier insect populations.   You are supporting Ontario Canada by helping to build a more secure resilient food system in our local community.

Healthier You

Our bodies were created with an amazing ability to restore health!  By removing pesticides, GMO’s, and synthetic fertilizers from the food we eat, we can give our body an open door to start it’s restoration process.  Healthier food means a healthier you!
Food for Thought Tip:  You don’t need much space to grow your own veg! Be sure to check out our Space Saver Plants.

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I’m always interested in any feedback you wish to give.  Feel free to email me your comments, or questions. Let’s build this conversation and grow deep roots together.