Cut the Strings

Co-authored by myself and my mother, Sharon Cavers, this book is our story.  The story of a mother who experienced the agony of watching her daughter walk away from everything right and good, ending up in a life of degradation and shame while each of them lived in their own reality.

The story of a daughter’s desperate search for a life of fulfillment and acceptance who found herself instead chained in a prison of emptiness, addictions and despair.

Best of all, it’s the story of GOD; the one who relentlessly pursued a willful young woman, protected her life, and sustained a family through it all.

“Cut the Strings, in my judgment, is a must read… And for those in the middle of the heartbreak currently, Cut the Strings will give a vital ‘How to cope and how to overcome’ plan.” – David Mainse, founder of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. & Crossroads Television System (CTS)

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