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“I’ve walked thru addiction and pain, through confusion and trauma, but Jesus has healed it all.  He has redeemed and restored my life, without Him I would be a pain-filled empty woman.  I’ve had the privilege of co-authoring a couple of books and sharing brief parts of my life journey.   Whatever it is that your soul needs right now, Jesus is the only one who can provide it.” Amy Jackson

Unborn. Untold. 

I’m honoured to be one of the authors in this book, with my story “No More Hiding”.  If abortion has been a part of your life in any way, I urge you to read this book!  These stories will touch your heart, expand your ability to offer compassion to all affected by abortion, and provide practical tools and guidance through the healing process. The global abortion epidemic demands a response of support, encouragement, and grace from those on all sides of the issue. Only then will those in crisis pregnancy situations feel equipped and empowered to choose life. And only then can every person affected by abortion let go of the past and move forward into a future filled with healing and hope.

“Raw, honest, inspirational and devastating…. A beautiful read.”
—Laura Klassen, Human Rights Activist, Founder and Director of CHOICE42

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Cut the Strings

Co-authored by myself and my mother, Sharon Cavers, this book is our story.  The story of a mother who experienced the agony of watching her daughter walk away from everything right and good, ending up in a life of degradation and shame while each of them lived in their own reality.  The story of a daughter’s desperate search for a life of fulfilment and acceptance who found herself instead chained in a prison of emptiness, addictions and despair.  Best of all, it’s the story of GOD; the one who relentlessly pursued a willful young woman, protected her life, and sustained a family through it all.

“Cut the Strings, in my judgment, is a must-read… And for those in the middle of the heartbreak currently, Cut the Strings will give a vital ‘How to cope and how to overcome’ plan.” – David Mainse, founder of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. & Crossroads Television System (CTS)

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