LOCAL SEED  Our seed has great germination is never chemically treated, and is personally selected for Ontario’s growing climate!

STARTER PLANTS   We have a wide range of starter plants available each spring, including heirloom and specialty varieties.  Grown organically from our quality seed we have the plants you need for a great veg garden of your own! We are always trying new varieties every season, so if you’re looking for something new or hard to find email us, we might have it! We’re here to answer any questions you have amysvegpatch@gmail.com

HERITAGE BREED POULTRY  Each year we have a selection of hatching eggs, chicks, pullets and hens available.  Our 2024 breed list is Cream Legbar, Cooper Maran, Chocolate Silver Laced Orpington,  Blue Red Laced Wyandotte (breed availability subject to change). Easter Egger and barnyard mix are also available. To inquire about poultry orders please email us at  amysvegpatch@gmail.com