Why Grow Your Own Veg?

Save Money

Let’s face it eating healthy can be expensive, eating organic even more so!  I can guarantee you’ll be surprised at the money YOU can save by growing your own organic veg.   Don’t have any space for a garden? No problem! Check out our space saver plants that thrive in containers and pots.

Healthier Planet

When you choose seed that is non-GMO and never chemically treated, along with locally sourced organic plants you’re partnering with us to produce healthier soils and healthier insect populations.   You are supporting Ontario Canada by helping to build a more secure resilient food system in our local community.

Healthier You

Our bodies were created with an amazing ability to restore health!  By removing pesticides, GMO’s, and synthetic fertilizers from the food we eat, we can give our body an open door to start it’s restoration process.  Healthier food means a healthier you!
Food for Thought Tip:  You don’t need much space to grow your own veg! Be sure to check out our Space Saver Plants.