Mexican Sour Gherkin


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Also known as Mouse Melon, these adorable little fruits look like mini watermelons and taste like a tangy, lemony cucumber. Younger fruit taste most like a cucumber and as they age they acquire a pleasant sour flavour. We like to grow the delicate looking vines up jute netting and they have done well in containers as well as in the ground in our zone 5 fields. We pickle the bulk of the harvest and eat the rest fresh in salads or salsa. Perfect for a children’s garden. 78 days. Plant only.


Growing:  Full sun and sheltered location with soil pH of 6.0-7.0. As they are heavy feeders, an application of compost or well-rotted manure worked into the planting area will help. Regular applications of a complete soluble fertilizer during the growing season is beneficial. Plants should not be allowed to wilt. Make sure they are well-watered before transplanting.

Harvest:  Keep mature mouse melons picked off the vines to encourage a longer yield.

Pests:  Monitor for Cucumber beetles; use Rotenone to control beetles. Leaf spots and mildew.

Companions:  Corn.

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