Mexican Sour Gherkin (plant)



Also known as Mouse Melon, these adorable little fruits look like mini watermelons and taste like a tangy, lemony cucumber. Younger fruit tastes most like cucumber and as they age they acquire a pleasant sour flavour. We like to grow the delicate-looking vines in containers with support netting to grow up into, sheltered from harsh wind. We have tried them in the fields and they will flourish there too! We pickle the bulk of the harvest and eat the rest fresh in salads or salsa. Perfect for a children’s garden. 78 days.


Growing:  Full sun and sheltered location with soil pH of 6.0-7.0. As they are heavy feeders, an application of compost or well-rotted manure worked into the planting area will help. Regular applications of a complete soluble fertilizer during the growing season is beneficial. Plants should not be allowed to wilt. Make sure they are well-watered before transplanting.

Harvest:  Keep mature mouse melons picked off the vines to encourage a longer yield.

Pests:  Monitor for Cucumber beetles; use Rotenone to control beetles. Leaf spots and mildew.

Companions:  Corn.

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