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Classic Chive Allium.  Grows well in a variety of soils, and fantastic in pots.  Finely chopped chives are perfect in salads, snipped up over soups, or add to flavor main dishes.  The delicate purple flowers are also edible. 80 days. Small perennial 6 in/15 cm. Seed count 500.

Planting:  Start indoors 6 weeks before last frost date. Sow seed 1⁄2 inch deep in pots or flats of soil mix. Germination is very slow (7-14 days). Constant moisture, darkness and warm temperatures are required. When seedlings are 4 weeks old, transplant in the garden in full sun.

Growing:  Chives should be divided every 3 years. Leaves can be snipped when plants are 6 inches tall. You should not cut closer than 2 inches from the ground, since the plants need some leaves to keep growing.

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