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If you’ve never grown Borage it’s time to start! This is one of my favourite plants.  We use it in salads, sauces and add a few sprigs into our lemonade or tea.  Borage has fantastic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Try planting it with your tomatoes, borage deters tomato hornworm and attracts bees.  This hardy annual really is a garden all star. 80 days. Vigorous 20 in/51 cm plant.  Seed count 250.


Planting:  Direct sow in April and May. Borage develops a delicate taproot, so it’s best direct sown where it is to grow. Borage does not transplant well. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 21°C (70°F). Sow seeds 1cm (½”) deep, and thin to 60cm (24″) apart. Borage will get large and fill in spaces between plants. Seeds should sprout in 5-15 days.

Growing:  Borage is an un-fussy self sowing annual. To avoid self-sowing, the flower heads need to be picked regularly. Borage does best in full sun in well drained soil.

Harvesting:  Pick fresh flowers for freezing or drying for bouquets. Cut the fresh leaves during the summer to add to salads or spreads.

Companion Planting:  Borage is an excellent all-around companion plant. Borage deters hornworm and cabbage worms and is particularly useful planted near tomatoes and strawberries. Very attractive to pollinators and excellent for the soil and compost. Borage is deer-proof.

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